Police commissioner keen to speak with Richmond residents after warm weather disorder

Visitors to the falls on Tuesday.

North Yorkshire’s police, fire and crime commissioner wants to speak to residents of Richmond about the recent problems with drunkenness and disorder.

Zoe Metcalfe is also hoping to meet with councillors following the anti-social behaviour which has prompted concerns from local residents and businesses.

As well as a large amount of litter being left at the Falls during last week’s hot weather, problems of drunkenness and anti-social behaviour were reported in Richmond Market Place, particularly on Tuesday — the hottest day of the year so far.

One local resident said in a letter to the commissioner, North Yorkshire Police’s chief constable Lisa Winward and MP Rishi Sunak that the “drunken invaders were at risk of ruining Richmond”.

Police, fire and crime commissioner Zoe Metcalfe.

In response to the letter, a spokesperson for the commissioner’s officer told Richmondshire Today: “Commissioner Zoë is keen to meet with residents to hear their concerns and to understand more about the issues they are facing.

“We will be extending this invitation to the local councillors due to the multi-agency approach needed.”

The spokesperson said the commissioner was aware of the action taken by local officers last Tuesday, which included confiscating more than 200 bottles of alcohol and a sound system and dispersing several groups of people.

“The commissioner is assured that North Yorkshire Police are being proactive in their response to the issues associated with increased visitors to the area, and will continue to do this throughout the summer ensuring they remain a visible presence within the community so that the residents are safe and feel safe.”

Alcohol confiscated by police in Richmond on Tuesday.


  1. Good to see the locals turn out to air there dismay at the town council meeting last night and hear directly from the police etc, oh yeah – that will just be the one person then!!!!

  2. I’d be more impressed if the Chief Constable in operational control paid a visit

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