Police confiscated hundreds of bottles and seized sound system at Richmond Falls

Visitors to the falls on Tuesday.

Police say they confiscated hundreds of bottles of alcohol and seized powerful sound systems after crowds of drinkers flocked to Richmond Falls on England’s hottest ever day.

Officers also dispersed some revellers from riverside areas, made an arrest after a disturbance and dealt with driving offences.

It was in response to residents’ concerns about a string of antisocial behaviour linked to hot weather in Richmond.

Police used existing Public Space Protection Order and temporary Dispersal Authority powers, and have warned they will be taking further action throughout the summer.

Richmondshire Inspector Martin Metcalfe said: “Residents quite rightly don’t want their town to be used like a Ibiza nightclub and we’re doing something about it.

“As temperatures soared well into the 30s yesterday and hundreds congregated at Richmond Falls, my team and I took action to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour as well as all the litter and mess this leaves behind.”

Working with Richmondshire Dirstrict Council yesterday, officers from North Yorkshire Police:

  • Confiscated more than 200 bottles of beer, cider, vodka and other spirits as well as three large cannisters of nitrous oxide, which can be used to get high. They will all be destroyed.
  • Confiscated several large sound systems, including one stack system that was around 3ft tall. The owners were able to get them back from a police station at the end of the day and were given words of advice about using them in public places.
  • Arrested a youth from County Durham on suspicion of assault after a disturbance broke out,
  • Issued 18 traffic offence reports to those travelling too and from the area, including for not wearing a seatbelt and for causing an obstruction when parked.
  • Extinguished seven barbecues, which are dangerous in current dry conditions.
  • Used temporary Dispersal Authority powers to officially disperse five men from Middlesbrough who were behaving antisocially.

Insp Metcalfe added: “We simply will not tolerate antisocial behaviour, which is often committed by large groups who travel in from other areas and behave with no respect for the community they’re visiting. And yesterday we used public space legislation to tackle it.

“The feedback from Richmond residents yesterday was extremely positive, and while we can’t have a permanent presence in any one place I can assure residents there will be many more results like this throughout the summer.

“My message to those visiting any of North Yorkshire’s communities this summer is simple – if you can’t behave respectfully by complying with the law, we will use the laws at our disposal to ensure you do.”


  1. Mmm makes you wonder if one arrest and giving back equipment is much of a deterrent. Now they’ve found Richmond they’ll be back. And unfortunately law abiding locals will avoid the area when sunny, unable to enjoy the area they love and respect. It’s a ridiculous situation!!

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