Police inspector considers releasing names of motorists charged with drink driving

A senior Richmondshire police officer says he is considering posting the names of motorists arrested and charged for drink driving this Christmas.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe says his officers are “breathalysing as many motorists as we have the power to do so for the foreseeable in Richmondshire”.

He added: “So far, our results have been fantastic within Richmondshire, so please let’s keep this up.

“I will be releasing our exact figures next week which I know a lot of you will be interested to see.

“I will also be strongly considering naming those that have been arrested and charged, if any.”

Insp Metcalfe said he had “lots of eyes and ears within Richmondshire” and was hearing that more people than usual were sharing lifts and making the correct decision which he said was great news.

However, he added: “I am still however getting some information that some are taking the risk so will be acting on that.

“Last Sunday we carried out 27 breath tests in one shift and this will continue, so please bear in mind although we cannot be everywhere, we can be anywhere at any time.”



  1. I sincerely hope the inspector meant “convicted” rather than “arrested and charged ” or perhaps he has never heard of the “presumption of innocence” ? Or does he hold to the notion that the Police are infallible and the Courts a mere nuisance in the path to justice ?

  2. Stop considering and just do it! Ditto anyone driving without insurance and/or MOT, not wearing a seat belt and, most importantly, anyone using a phone.

  3. there should not be a presumption of innocence in DD cases…if you are over the limit you are over, I have never seen or heard of a Magistrate or Judge that has ‘let someone off’ if they are over the limit. in my opinion all DD offenders should taste prison and be banned from driving for life, if a DD killed your child or grandchild you would change your mind.

    • Prison is not an appropriate sentence:
      a) very expensive for taxpayers
      b) not a deterrent
      Banning for a very long time, perhaps for life, is more appropriate. In addition the vehicle should be confiscated even if it belongs to or is shared by someone else.

  4. If we allow our paid representatives to act as Judge & Jury before a Guilty Verdict is secured where does that leave us? Let the Legal due process take place from which the Convicted will be Named & Shamed and rightly so!!

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