Police inspector “disappointed” with number of speeding drivers in Middleham

A speed check in Leyburn today.

A police inspector says he was disappointed with the number of speeding drivers caught in Middleham today.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe was conducting speed checks in several locations in Leyburn and Middleham.

He said: “Today in Leyburn I was based at three places, plus Harmby, and most motorists were complying with the speed limits, so if any of them were you, I thank you for that.

“In Middleham I was quite disappointed to find quite a few motorists speeding in the area so will be returning more frequently.

“Please spread the word around as I want people to know I will be out checking at random times and in all honesty, I would rather motorists slowed down than I had to prosecute them for speeding.”

The checks were part of a crackdown on speeding by officers in the district.

Insp Metcalfe added: “My sole aim with conducting these speed checks is to make your roads as safe as possible and I believe it is working from feedback received.”



  1. Marin Metcalf is our local hero, going all out to make a safer place. Having once retired, he has now returned to part time work, but working in the interest of our community. He is progressively reducing the number of speeding drivers, drink and drug related driving, and even finding time for criminal work. He has very noticeably had an effect on our area, personally politely communicating with the residents. Thanks Martin.

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