Police investigate after Hawes resident receives nuisance calls

Police are investigating after a Hawes resident received a number of nuisance calls.

Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team say a resident of the town has been receiving nuisance calls of an “unsettling nature” in the last two weeks.

There is no reason behind them, a spokesperson said.

They added: “The caller is definitely male and sounds to be a older man rather than a child/teenager and who we believe lives locally.

“We are in the process of identifying the caller but ask that if anyone else has received unwanted calls of a similar kind please contact us.

“It is a cowardly thing to make anonymous phone calls and we take reports like this very seriously.

“It is not acceptable that anyone feels unsafe in their own home.”

Anyone with information should call North Yorkshire Police on 101.

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  1. there is a male, well spoken claiming to be from Fire Service says his name is Barry Evans. starts with saying thanking me for my support with ? magazine. i told him i was writing down what he was saying, i asked which magazine. he wouldn’t answer and became rude and said “How did you get a phone if you don’t understand Queens English.Then rang off I could not recover his phone number it was withheld. SCAM SCAM SCAM PASS THE WORD AROUND POLICE NOTIFIED

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