Police investigate coffee vandalism complaint

The incident happened outside Central Stores!

Police are investigating after coffee was poured over a car in Middleham.

The incident occurred at 5am on Wednesday and involved a red Volkswagen  Polo.

The vehicle was parked outside the town’s Central Stores shop.

It was reported to police yesterday lunchtime.

The circumstances of the incident are not clear, but police have confirmed they are investigating.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “The incident has been logged and officers are reviewing any available CCTV footage to establish the circumstances.”

Anyone with information should call North Yorkshire Police on 101 and quote reference number 12180235243.

Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111



  1. Why should police spend their precious time investigating this!!!
    Just get a cloth, clean it off & carry on. What a waste of police resources.

  2. What a waste of resources, coffee will only stain which can be washed off, be different if it was something corrosive

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