Police issue warning after spate of accidents

Police have issued a warning to motorists after a spate of accidents in Richmondshire.

The incidents included a car which ended up on its side on the A684 near West Witton today.

The driver was uninjured in the collision.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe said: “We are getting more than the usual number of reports of accidents across Richmondshire today.

“The roads across Richmondshire are not good in places and there is ice around.

“Please bear this in mind if travelling today.”


  1. The technical term is ‘Single vehicle collision’, I believe.

    This also follows a piece on Look North about calls for something to be done about rural roads with poor surfaces causing ‘accidents’.

    Modern cars a far better than the Escorts & Vivas I learned on. Much more forgiving of errors of judgement than those old crates.

    IMO it’s poor driving & driving while distracted (mobile phones clamped to ears) & speeding (endemic).

    Driving here isn’t something to be done on autopilot.

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