Police issue warning after spate of car thefts

North Yorkshire Police's Northallerton headquarters.

North Yorkshire Police has issued a warning that car thieves are active in the county.

The force says they have seen an increase in the targeting of large 4×4, high performance vehicles such as Land Rovers, Range Rovers  and the Jaguar F-Pace.

A spokesperson said: “With the better weather and many of us winding down the windows to enjoy the sunshine as we drive , it’s easy to pull the car onto the driveway and leave it unsafe.

“Also, thieves are getting increasingly sophisticated using technology to access vehicles with a keyless entry system. In order to do this they needs to be able to pick up the signal between your key and car, so ensuring your keyfobs are kept well away from the car itself and any access points such as letterboxes, doors and windows, makes it more difficult for them to pick up the signal.

“You can use signal blocking pouches which block the transmission of the signal between car and key, or with some keyfobs you can turn off the wireless signal. It may be an idea to check your vehicles manual to see if this is possible.”

The force has also advised using traditional approaches such as steering wheel locks.

“It can also pay to take a bit of time to think about where you park your car. If you have a garage, use it to keep your car secure.

“If you have two vehicles, use the less desirable car to block in the more desirable car. And it may sounds obvious, but always check you’ve actually locked your car.

“If your car wing mirrors fold in when the vehicle is locked, it’s an easy sign for car thieves to spot that your car has been left open and insecure.

“Just making it slightly more difficult to target your vehicle may make the difference between a thief having a go and not bothering at all.”