Police seize 74 more illegal vehicles

Police say they seized another 74 vehicles during April as part of a push to tackle cross-border criminals, uninsured drivers and other motoring offences.

In total, at least 413 vehicles have been taken off the streets in Richmondshire since the crackdown began in October.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said he was “extremely pleased” about the success of the action.

He said: “The message I will continue to send out is ‘Uninsured? Vehicle used for crime? Not Taxed? Visit Richmondshire and it’s getting seized’.

“Handheld technology, rolled out to neighbourhood policing teams and response teams in Richmondshire last year, has helped our rural local officers identify travelling criminals more quickly.

“The new technology identifies uninsured drivers. If you’ve ever been hit by an uninsured driver, you’ll know why that’s important.”

Insp Metcalfe added: “Up here in Richmondshire, we patrol some of the most remote and sparsely-populated communities in northern England.

“So seizing vehicles linked to crime is a very effective way of stopping criminals who travel here, before they’ve even had chance to commit an offence.

“With the use of this technology, which my team and other officers can use through a mobile phone, we can identify potential criminals and other illegal road users more quickly and on a wider scale.”