Police seize barbecues and alcohol at Richmond falls

Police have stepped in today to tackle anti-social behaviour at the falls in Richmond.

Officers have seized alcohol and barbecues after reports of groups causing problems at the beauty spot.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said neighbourhood policing teams and North Yorkshire Council officers conducted joint patrol at the falls.

They said: “Most of the people we encountered were having a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful scenery Richmond has to offer.

“However, there were some groups of people causing anti social behaviour and ruining the visit for others.

“Some barbeques were seized by the police along with with a large amount of alcohol.”

A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is in place at Richmond Falls and the Batts.

The order was put in place following concerns over large groups gathering by the river during the pandemic drinking and taking drugs.

The order prohibits behaviour such as drinking alcohol and lighting barbecues.

The spokesperson added: “Richmond Falls is an area for all to enjoy.

“However, please bear in mind that any form of anti-social behaviour will be dealt with positively by the police.

“If you do visit the area, please do not be alarmed when you see our extra police presence. But if you are up to no good you won’t be staying for long.”