Police seize car after reports it had different registration plates

The driver's vehicle was seized.

A car was seized and its driver is facing a court appearance after reports the vehicle had two different registration plates on.

Police received reports on Tuesday that the silver BMW was driving around the Hawes and Bainbridge area with different plates.

Officers found the vehicle in Hawes.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe said checks revealed the driver, a local man, was not insured, was committing the registration plate offence, and was a disqualified driver.

He added: “I do get some justified complaints in relation to the 101 reporting system, but this result was from a 101 report, so please do persevere if you need to report something. It is absolutely vital you report anything out of the ordinary, so we can firstly be aware and also respond more promptly.

“I am very pleased that this car was taken off the road and the offender is now facing another court appearance for the offences and will hopefully be disqualified for a much longer period.

“We will not tolerate disqualified drivers or motorists that are not insured on our roads in Richmondshire, so please do report anyone that you suspect is driving whilst not insured or is a disqualified driver wherever you live or work.!


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  1. Disqualified the first time and still driving, so what’s the point of another disqualified hit?
    Better lock the driver away for 12 months.

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