Police seize scrapman’s uninsured van in Colburn

A recovery vehicle collects the uninsured van.

A scrapman’s uninsured van was seized in Colburn today.

Police say they were alerted about the occupants of an old van collecting scrap in Colburn at about 11.30am this morning.

The van was found not to have business insurance and so was seized.

Officers also seized an uninsured Kia while looking for the van.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing, said: “Whilst searching for the van, I came across a white Kia car which was not insured and the driver informed me he forgot. No excuse, so car seized.

“Whilst arranging recovery for this car, the suspicious van then drove past me with a loud Tannoy touting for business, but unfortunately for them they did not have business insurance.

“The driver tried to come out with every excuse in the book, but I was not happy with any of them, so vehicle seized.

“They then had to make their own way back to the Stockton area.”

Insp Metcalfe added: “Two uninsured vehicles in 5 minutes is a decent result in my opinion, so please be aware we are now equipped with the technology to quickly identify uninsured motor vehicles.

“Therefore, please ensure you are insured if using a vehicle in Richmondshire or you are likely to lose it.”