Police talk to soldiers as part of festive drink drive campaign

Around 1,500 soldiers have been given a hard-hitting talk about drink and drug driving.

The military personell at Catterick Garrison and elsewhere in North Yorkshire were visited by police and staff from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The exercise was part of a month-long campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of drink and drug driving this Christmas.

The visit was coordinated by the York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership.


  1. I find this article insulting.
    As a soldier for forty years and now a civilian living in the Yorkshire Dales I believe you are aiming your pep talk at the wrong audience.
    Do I need to say more?

    • Yes, you do! Given that military personnel are on average younger than the rest of the population and all the statistics show that the younger the driver the more likely they are to cause an accident, any opportunity to reduce deaths and injuries on the road is to be welcomed.

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