Police target rule breaking motorists in Richmondshire

Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

A crackdown on illegal driving in Richmondshire has resulted in several motorists facing prosecution.

The driver of a Vauxhall Insignia was stopped in Catterick Garrison yesterday and found to be driving unsupervised while on a provisional licence.

The car was seized until it can be collected by a qualified driver and the motorist was reported.

In a separate incident the driver of a vehicle involved in a collision in the district over the weekend is facing prosecution for illegal tyres.

Traffic officers said two tyres on the vehicle were among the worst they had ever seen.
Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

In another incident, an overloaded truck was dealt with by police response officers at Scotch Corner yesterday.

The vehicle was fully loaded with tyres and was found to be 12 per cent overloaded.

A traffic offence report was issued to the driver and vehicle was prohibited from the road until the excess weight was removed.

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Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

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