Police urge residents to report drugs issues in Richmondshire

A previous police drugs raid in Richmondshire.

Police have urged residents of Richmondshire to report problems with drugs in their neighbourhoods.

Inspector Martin Metcalf, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said while crime was low in the district, some residents have told him they are concerned about drugs being an issue.

He added: “My team and I would like to tackle any drugs related issues you have and last year we did execute a number of drugs warrants which were really successful.

“My plea to you all in Richmondshire, is therefore to report any drugs related issues that you may know of in complete confidence.

“I am more concerned about the drug dealers here that bring nothing but misery to our communities, but any drugs information you may have could be very useful.

“My previous experience shows that drugs related issues are not just in our towns, but they are also in the more rural areas, so if you are in a more rural area, please do also let me know if you feel that a more isolated property does not feel right. “

To provide information ring 101 and report it, mentioning Inspector 583 Metcalfe.

Alternatively, ring Crimestoppers free on 0800 555 111.

Insp Metcalfe added: “When reporting, you can do this in complete confidence anonymously, but if you leave your details, that would be preferred, plus I can update you and the information you provide does carry a bit more weight.

“Either way, please be assured you will not have to get involved in any subsequent court proceedings at all. “hen we catch them for any offences as it will be down to us evidence wise. To clarify, I would rather get the information anonymously, than not at all though.

“Also, if you are not fully aware how this works, we obviously will not be able to obtain a drugs warrant based on a single piece of anonymous information, but that piece may be the last part of the jigsaw.

“Ideally I would like names, addresses and even vehicles if you believe someone is dealing from a vehicle? Anything is certainly better than nothing at all.”