Police vow to increase speed checks in Catterick Garrison

A speed check in Catterick Garrison.

Police say they will increase the number of speed checks carried out in Catterick Garrison.

Local officers say the action follows complaints by residents about speeding drivers in the area.

PCSO Paul Enbom said: “As a direct result of your complaints in the area, you will be seeing a lot more speed checks in and around Catterick and these will be at very random times, including at night.

“We are conducting these checks as a result of complaints. Today we were on Bedale Road and Gough Road in Catterick

“I just wanted to let you all know that there will be lots more speed checks in Catterick and surrounding areas, so please spread the word around as I would rather motorists slowed down than they were caught speeding.”

The officer added: “There are even more locations that our safety camera vans will be appearing at on the main roads, so my message to anyone coming to our beautiful and very fine County of Richmondshire is, if you speed, you are now much more likely to be caught and prosecuted.

“Depending on the level of speed, you may be offered a Speed Awareness Course or a roadside warning.”



  1. Horne Road is a must but please don’t ‘hide’ in plain sight. In your usual spot you are easily seen!
    Thank you for doing this.

  2. Good news but could you get to Bellerby as well , speeding has become an epidemic here.

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