Police warning after motorists get stuck in flooding

Police have warned drivers about the dangers of driving through floodwater after two motorists became stuck today.

Officers attended the A684 near Aysgarth at around 9am after a man’s car broke down as he tried to drive through 12-18 inches of flooding.

Firefighters also attended asked Highways teams to close the road. His vehicle will be recovered when the water subsides.

In a separate incident, at around 10am police received calls from other drivers reporting that a woman’s car had stopped after she tried to drive through a flooded part of the A65 near Settle.

The A684 is currently closed between Asygarth and Bainbridge and will reopen when the road is clear. The A65 is now passable with care.

As more rain is forecast in the coming days, North Yorkshire Police has warned motorists not to risk driving through standing water.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “While it’s sometimes tempting to chance it rather than taking a diversion, driving through flooded roads is a massive gamble.

“It’s not always possible to gauge the depth of the water, which can be much deeper than expected in some parts. You can also do irreparable damage to your car, and your stationary vehicle creates an additional obstruction even after the water has subsided.

“Our advice is simple: if there’s any doubt, don’t take the risk.”