Poster competition winner announced

Richmond Methodist School  Lydia Martinson has been announced as the winner of a children’s poster competition held in Richmond.

The competition was organised by North Yorkshire Council and Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership.

Lydia’s poster titled ‘Stop Air Pollution’ showed the impact of unseen vehicle pollution.

She was rewarded for her efforts with a £15 prize, donated by the climate action partnership.

Commenting on the competition, Barbara Gravenor, chair of the partnership, said: “We are fortunate to live in an area with generally low levels of air pollution, but there can be locally high levels of damaging pollution, particularly where there are a lot of vehicles and congestion.

“Unfortunately, this is the case outside all the schools in Richmond around school drop-off and pick-up times.

“As well as exposure to polluted air causing damage to growing children’s lungs, vehicle emissions are also one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in our area, contributing to climate change”.

Dr Kevin Carr, from the council’s environmental health scientific team, said: “Along with our Public Health and Climate Change colleagues we are hoping to work with all five schools in the Darlington Road vicinity to look at ways to reduce the impact of traffic and the pollution it causes.

“We intend to install an air quality monitor to measure the progress of any steps taken and hope to involve the pupils as much as possible in the project.

“I’m grateful to Mrs Stevenson and Richmond Methodist School for being trailblazers today and to Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership for donating the prize money for the Clean Air Day poster competition.

“Although in general North Yorkshire has relatively low levels of air pollution compared to the UK’s larger urban areas, we are still striving to reduce levels further for the benefit of our residents and visitors.”

Other winners, awarded a £10 prize, from Richmond Methodist School were:

Elsie Walker, age 7, with “Walking Can Be Fun.”

Poppy Allingham, age 8, with “Clean Up Our Air – Pollution Across The Globe.”

Esmé Dickenson, age 9, with “Care, Share, Clean Air.”

The judges, Dr Kevin Carr and Margaret Land, representing the Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership, were assisted on the day by the school’s eco group, led by teacher Claire Ryde and Year 6 pupil Joshua Clarke.

There were 65 entries all completed by the children in their own time.