Potholes and holiday let being used during lockdown among concerns at Dales parish council

The road towards Thornton Rust.

There are more than 30 potholes on the road from Aysgarth into Thornton Rust, it was reported at the recent internet meeting of Aysgarth and District Parish Council.

“Everything has slowed down due to Covid-19”, commented one councillor.

Cllr Sandra Willman said there was also a large pothole at the fork of the road past Town Head Farm in Thoralby. She explained that this was repaired in January but the tarmac has since lifted. The resulting two-feet square hole and the drain now being two inches off the ground was dangerous.

She reported that she had spent two hours trying to clear the drains along Low Green Lane in Thoralby and had concluded that they were blocked by tree roots. This was causing flooding.

The clerk was asked to request a new dog foul bin for Thoralby as that on the village green has no lid and is in a state of disrepair.

Accounts. – The accounts for the year 2019 to 2020 were approved by the council. The unaudited annual governance and accountability return and accounts for that year have now been posted on the parish council’s website.

The accounts included £30 for a plaque in memory of John Blackie.

Bishopdale. – The parish council had been informed by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority that a number of enforcement cases concerning developments at Howesyke Farm had been progressed. Some of these had been regularised and closed.

Aysgarth. – The clerk and a parish councillor had been approached by a number of residents who had complained that a holiday let in the centre of the village had been in use on more than one occasion during the Covid-19 lockdown. On one occasion the Police had attended and spoken to the occupants.

The clerk was asked to email the owners to complain that this had been unacceptable usage.

There was a discussion about the ownership of the three sets of steps at the bottom of the path from the church to Yore Mill, as the new owner of the latter is prepared to arrange and fund the repair of them. It was agreed to research the issue.

Safer Roads. – Cllr Peter Windle had sent details of the Safer Roads Fund Layby consultation to all the councillors.

At the meeting they decided they would like to see all the laybys in the Aysgarth and District area retained and tidied up.

They added that they would also like to see the area by the turning off the A684 to West Burton grassed over and kerbed with the possibility of the road being shaped to allow a passing point. There would need to be signage or lines to prevent vehicles being parked on the passing point.

The parish council would like the area by Wensleydale Farm, Aysgarth, levelled and covered with hard core or something similar so that it can continue to be used for parking.

It was decided to ask for a paved footpath on Westholme Bank, Aysgarth, to join that already in situ after the lane to Aysgarth church. This was because there had been an increasing number of pedestrians using that route into Aysgarth since the Aysgarth Lodges site has been further developed. The current arrangements for pedestrians were considered to be dangerous.

Thanking volunteers. – The clerk was asked to write letters of thanks to the local residents in Aysgarth and Thoralby who had kindly cut the grass in those villages when the contractor was in lockdown due to the pandemic.

Next meeting. – This is scheduled to be held at 7.30pm on September 10. Details about how it will be held will be posted on the parish council’s website.