Potholes to be repaired after machines made available at short-notice

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A programme of pothole repairs will take place across North Yorkshire during March.

Officials say the move will help improve the county’s road network by “making quick but effective repairs” using two machines brought into the county.

The county council said the high-tech equipment became available and was offered to the authority at short-notice.

The repair system is called ‘spray injection patching’ and provides a mechanised all-in-one solution of cleaning and drying holes, then filling them with a cold bitumen compound to seal cracks, then an aggregate to fill the hole and provide a lasting repair.

Officials say this process has been trialled recently in the county and the system has proved successful.

Because the process is completed quickly, it reduces disruption for road users, is cost effective and allows for increased numbers of repairs to be carried out compared to using traditional methods.

County councillor Don Mackenzie, executive member for highways, said: “The trials carried out were very successful and this is a great opportunity to repair more roads.

“This is good news for residents of North Yorkshire, spray injection patching is a much quicker process of repairing potholes and the repairs tend to last a lot longer.

“It offers a cost effective way of repairing potholes whilst reducing the inconvenience to the travelling public.

“We have also secured the services of this specialist equipment later in the year.”

The work will be carried out over the coming weeks and officials say local communities will be informed of locations and anticipated dates for the work very shortly.

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  1. It would be a good idea if the highways people asked a local organisation such as the PC for the location of all the bits of road needing repair…then they might all get done while this fantastic new machine is available

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