‘Prepare for major covid disruption’ warn North Yorkshire’s health chiefs

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service delivering vaccine.

People in North Yorkshire are urged to prepare for potential major disruption as the UK’s tidal wave of omicron infections hits the county.

Chief officers from North Yorkshire’s health services and emergency responders have warned residents that omicron cases are doubling daily in North Yorkshire, and called on each and every one to play their part in lessening the impact on communities.

“We face a race against time as the Omicron variant begins to surge across the country,” said Richard Webb, North Yorkshire County Council’s director of health and adult services.

“Although numbers in North Yorkshire are lower at present, if we follow previous patterns, and what’s happening in London, it won’t be long before we are seeing high numbers of Omicron cases here in North Yorkshire.

“Even the most optimistic Government modelling is now projecting many more cases in January and February and we face the possibility of many more hospital admissions and sadly many more deaths.

“Disruption in the workforce could be much higher than the “pingdemic” which we saw this summer and we are worried about the potential impact on our communities, businesses and public services

“Living with Covid means responding quickly to deal with a new variant. We need to act now to buy time”.

Vaccination and getting a booster remain our best line of defence, he said as he set out three key messages:

  • if we act now to get vaccinated, take a lateral flow test before mixing socially, wear a face mask and ventilate rooms then we buy time;
  • people should be prepared to adjust their plans on a daily basis and businesses will need to think about how to operate with high levels of employee sickness and self-isolation because of Covid;
  • people will need to be patient with public services which will have to work differently during as Omicron cases increase

The rapid roll-out of the booster vaccination programme has already begun across the county and this week Fire and Rescue officers have been supporting vaccine delivery, driving up and down North Yorkshire  ensuring vaccines are where they need to be and at the right time.

“This is an urgent situation and the time involved is substantial in getting these vaccines where they need to be,” said James Manning, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue group manager.  “For this reason the key agencies have come together to provide the best possible service to people”

All key agencies will be pulling out all the stops and working together in the coming weeks to support acceleration of the booster vaccination programme across the population, and particularly to those made vulnerable by Covid.

The NHS in North Yorkshire is expanding the number of vaccination sites at speed, including walk-in sites and some pharmacies.

Amanda Bloor, accountable officer for the North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group, and that people can now get a vaccine or booster jab from early in the morning to late in the evening.

All sites are open daily except Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but she said sites would be open on these days also if necessary.

Amanda Bloor also sent out a plea for members of the public to treat the hard-pressed NHS workforce with respect.

She said: “The NHS in North Yorkshire is already experiencing high demand and Omicron will undoubtedly lead to staff absences and the service will be severely strained as we go into winter, traditionally a time of greatest pressure.

“Some leave is being cancelled to deal with the pressures, therefore I urge people to be patient and respectful of staff and to use the service wisely.”

To access a Covid-19 vaccination:

These websites are updated regularly as more slots become available.

The vaccine hub at Tennants in Leyburn is open Monday to Thursday this week for the following hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday 9am to 8pm
  • Thursday 9am to 5pm

The sessions are open to anyone over 18 who has had their second vaccine jab at least three months ago.




  1. Why is everyone lying???
    Daily figure is over 100000.
    Of which hospital admissions 8000 nearly 700 on ventilators.
    Don’t get me wrong these figures are scary.
    Omicron is the new variant sweeping the nation so scary but only 13500 cases reported out of the 100000 are Omicron of which 0 end up in hospital.
    Excuse me but who’s lying and why? If Omicron is the new dominant strain what’s the other 86500 people suffering from? Stop lying and just tell the truth it’s still Delta COVID variant causing the problem and people being complacent to the fact they still need to sanitise and wear face coverings in public places.

  2. Apologies the total number in hospital is 8000 it was 843 out of the 100000 that was admitted to hospital with COVID. Still not good but I needed to correct my previous comment. Figures quoted are coming from sky news update.
    I wish the media would stop scaring people into a panic state. Yes we need to be careful and vigilant surely there are better ways than false miss information.

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