Primary school pupils research soldiers named on church memorial plaque

The pupils' research goes on display.

Junior pupils at Hackforth and Hornby Primary School have researched and celebrated the lives of those named on memorial plaque at their parish church, St Mary’s at Hornby.

Last year, pupils contributed an illustrated timeline and biography of Major Robert Hutton-Squire to the Green Howard’s Museum’s Ribbon of Remembrance project.

Pupils also researched the background of Sergeant Charles Nicol.

This year, pupils focused on Private Harold Hodgson.

Like Sergeant Nicol, Private Hodgson attended Hackforth School and pupils found entries confirming his attendance, with that of his siblings.

Private Hodgson then moved to Hornby Castle, working as a groom and gardener, until he decided to enlist at Leyburn.

Pupils considered whether he would have known Sergeant Nicol, who also worked at the castle as a gardener.

Pupils decided that both would have remained in the area as gardeners, had war not broken out.

“Researching the human stories behind the names is an interesting way of focusing on Remembrance,” said Judy Clarke, Headteacher and History Lead at the school.

“Pupils are fascinated that the soldiers knew their school and worshipped in the same parish church.

“We are looking forward to extending the study next year.”