Primary school quiz team beats Richmond MP in general knowledge test

A school quiz team has beaten Richmond MP in a general knowledge showdown.

Four members of the Hunton and Arrathorne Primary School quiz team put Rishi Sunak to the test when he visited the school to congratulate them on reaching the finals of the inter-school National General Knowledge Championships.

The Year 6 team – Finlay, Sam, Harry and Ruby – put to the MP eight questions which they had answered successfully in winning the regional heat of the competition.

Mr Sunak answered seven correctly but chose the wrong answer – The Imperius Curse –  to the question: “Which unforgiveable curse was used against Neville Longbottom’s parents in Harry Potter?”

He said: “I clearly need to brush up on my Harry Potter knowledge.

“The Hunton team are obviously on top form and I wish them well in the national final of the championships later this month.

“I very much enjoyed my visit and the welcome I received. The children were a delight and a credit to their teachers and parents.”

During his visit, Mr Sunak enjoyed a tour of the school with school council members Lily and Anna and took part in a Q&A session in the playground.

Headteacher Sam Donaldson said the whole school had found Mr Sunak’s visit uplifting.

He added: “Mr Sunak was the first visitor to the school since the relaxation of restrictions and his visit created great engagement and enthusiasm among the children, many of whom were inspired by the Q&A sessions to carry out further research about him and Parliament.”

Mr Donaldson said the quiz team was continuing its preparations for the final on June 24 – to be held virtually – with regular quizzes in class and homework in the form of watching episodes of the TV quiz shows The Chase, Tipping Point and Pointless.

He also said the school was well placed to take part in next year’s championships after the promising performance of the Year 5 team in the same regional heats.

The questions Rishi Sunak faced (with a correct answers indicated *) were:

  1. Who was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo?

Generalissimo Suvorov / Lord Nelson / Duke of Wellington / Napoleon Bonaparte *

  1. Which two superpowers confronted each other during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962?

Japan & China / Iraq & America / America & The Soviet Union * / China & The Soviet Union

  1. Niagara Falls lies between which two countries?

Canada & Russia / Peru & Chile / USA & Canada * / Canada & Mexico

  1. Famously mined in Cornwall, which element has the chemical symbol SN?

Copper / Iron / Tin * / Cobalt

  1. Which country has the largest areas of forest in the world – almost 62 times the size of England?

Brazil / Canada / China / Russia *

  1. Which unforgiveable curse was used against Neville Longbottom’s parents in Harry Potter?

Avada Kedavra / The Cruciatius Curse * / The Imperius Curse / Colloportus

  1. In what year was the Magna Carta sealed?

1350 / 1066 / 1175 / 1215 *

  1. If A = 7, B = 4 then what is 7B – 3A?

3 / 15 / 7 * /11