Programme of summer events planned at Kiplin Hall

Kiplin Hall and gardens to host evenings of outdoor theatre this summer with the Hall serving as a stunning backdrop.

The 400-year-old Kiplin Hall and Gardens is set to become the backdrop to a programme of outdoor theatre this summer.

Organisers say the programme includes an evening of jazz in aid of charity to Shakespearian humour as you’ve never seen it before.

Curator Alice Rose said: “Kiplin has a rich history of theatre and dramatics.

“Pageants and plays were performed here in the past by, and for, the owner families, estate staff and surrounding villagers.

“We are thrilled to be able to continue this tradition by working with traveling theatre companies.

“The open-air experience of outdoor theatre is very special.

“People bring picnic baskets, mats and chairs, sharing the show with friends and family.

“And this setting offers anyone who might not be ready to step back into the enclosed spaces of theatres a chance to enjoy the show in the fresh air.”

The programme includes Wind and the Willows, Peter Pan, A Mid-summer Nights Dream and As You Like It (22.07).

In August The HandleBards will return to Kiplin.

They are famed for their unconventional traveling technic and take on Shakespearean classics.

Moving from venue to venue by bicycle during the day and taking to the stage each evening, as the name the HandleBards suggests.

Visitors to Kiplin can also enjoy the show on Mondays during the school summer holidays as York based Story Craft Theatre will be on site telling tales of the people who lived and worked at Kiplin in the past.

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