Project encourages Richmond students to pursue engineering career

Project Dare students, from left, Faye McLean, Hannah Dagnall, Shusila Gurung, Jess Gurung, Jade Atkins, Beth Creek, Amber Hunniford, Eve Sunter.

Eight year 12 students from Richmond School and Sixth Form College have taken part in a project to encourage more women to pursue a career in engineering.

Hosted and implemented by Network Rail and ARUP over five weeks, the students worked on a range of activities, including team-building tasks designed to introduce them to some of the constraints faced when working in engineering.

They also attended a ‘careers speed shop’ where they met employees from across ARUP and discussed their career paths.

The event was organised by Future Hy and York Cares, based at the University of York, who worked with Network Rail and ARUP.

Students took up a challenge which was themed around the change in design to York Railway Station, which ARUP are working on.

Students worked in teams to address different elements of the challenge.

This involved designing an alternative railway route from York to Nottingham.

In addition, they visited Network Rail’s Training Centre where they had they learnt about different roles available and the different career options in the rail industry.

Year 12 student Jade Atkins said: “The project helped to develop my resilience and it has definitely taught me a lot about an area that was difficult to understand at first.

“It has shown me that I can develop specialist knowledge in engineering to use in the future”.

Liz Mannion, careers leader, said: “I was very pleased that our students were able to learn about the many opportunities available in this sector.

“Seeing the new training centre was an added bonus.

“We are really grateful to the University of York for organising it all.”