Prominent Richmondshire hotel set to change colour

The Croft Hotel.

A well-known Richmondshire hotel is set to be repainted a different colour — although civic leaders have expressed concerns.

A planning application has been submitted to repaint The Croft Hotel a darker colour.

The listed building consent request has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council.

The application states: “We wish to repaint the building externally, as, with it being left for the last 15 months it is looking quite shabby.

“However, we do wish to change the colour due to the fact that the constant traffic (a lot of which is quite heavy now) makes the building look dirty and grimy after a short period of time and a darker colour should help alleviate that.”

The preferred new colour, below, is called Exclusiv 9463.

The application has prompted concerns from consultee Richmond Civic Society.

They said in their response: “We feel that the colour selected might well not be appropriate for this important building in
a very prominent position and ask that the issue be referred to the conservation officer.”

For more details on the application click here.

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  1. Why on earth would the Civic Society object to this colour? – “We feel it may not be appropriate.” Should the owners be seeking to paint it in tiger stripes, or leopard spots they may have a point, but why they think they can object to a perfectly acceptable colour beggars belief. Thinking back to when the hotel was built; you probably couldn’t see what colour it was painted, as it would have been liberally spattered with mud and horse manure
    It seems that the Civic Society’s mission in life is to make sure that nothing changes. Surely if nothing changes, it just stagnates?

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