Proposal for toilets and shower at Colburn Lorry Park

The location of Colburn Lorry Park.

Councillors have been asked to decide whether they want to spend £35,000 installing toilets and a shower at Colburn Lorry Park.

Members of Richmondshire District Council will be told the facility would cost a further £17,000 a year to maintain.

The proposal to build the facilities at the lorry park comes after Colburn Town Council decided against buying the site from the district council and turn it into a recreation area.

The town council plan was in response to concerns about anti-social behaviour from the lorry park, including drivers using the area as an “open toilet”.

A report for a meeting of the district council’s corporate board next Tuesday proposes two toilets and a shower be installed in a converted shipping container at the site.

It is also being proposed to spend around £20,000 on a feasibility study for the lorry park to look at the site’s long term future with the expectation there will be less need for the facility if new motorway services, with lorry parking, are built at the Catterick A1(M) junction.


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  1. If there are no toilets what do they expect drivers to do at the end of a 15hr shift with no facilities if they’re caught short? Idiots.

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