Proposal revealed in Parliament to house migrants at Catterick Garrison

Rishi Sunak and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace talking to officers and soldiers at Munster Barracks, Catterick Garrison, during a visit in 2020.

Migrants could be housed at barracks in Catterick Garrison, it has emerged in Parliament today.

In a speech on the Government’s illegal migration programme, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick told the House of Commons that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had proposed that asylum seekers could be housed at the base.

He said the Richmond MP was “showing leadership” on the issue of finding accommodation for thousands of new migrant arrivals by personally “bringing forward proposals to provide accommodation in Catterick Garrison barracks in his constituency”.

It is understood the base is being assessed for suitability as potential accommodation.

In the speech, the Minister confirmed that other sites including two ex-military bases would be used as migrant housing in a bid to cut down on hotel use.

He said that sites in Lincolnshire and Essex, as well as another in East Sussex, could house several thousand migrants.

He added that the Government was considering the use of using ferries but no decision had been taken.

Mr Jenrick told the Commons “the sheer number of small boats have overwhelmed the asylum system” and said the government would “not elevate the wellbeing of illegal migrants above the British people”.

“Accommodation for migrants should meet essential living needs and nothing more, because we cannot risk becoming a magnet for the millions of people who are displaced and seeking better economic prospects,” he added.

Mr Jenrick said the three new sites will help reduce the need to rely on private hotels but conceded that “these sites on their own will not end the use of hotels overnight”.

The government says £6.2m a day is being spent on hotels for migrants.


  1. He doe not live in the Garrison. There is going to be shit to play. Rishi you are asking for trouble

  2. I believe that all Illegal immigrants should be sent back to France where they came from. They are not our responsibility

  3. This is utter madness. They are NOT asylum seekers, they are ILLEGALS. The ONLY course of action should be rounding them up, putting them on planes and immediately deporting them. No exceptions. No mercy.

  4. It’s good to see that that Rishi is leading by example, for a change.
    However, I would not keep my dog in the accommodation that will be offered up.
    To bring these barracks up to an acceptable standard it would be cheaper to build prefab style accommodation.
    While they are at it (the Government) could do the same for the millions of UK families that are living in damp rat/cockroach infested accommodation.

  5. Absolute madness these people should be sent back to where they belong.Does Rishi not understand what the word ILLEGAL means we dont need them here!!

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