Protection order sought to tackle anti-social behaviour in Colburn

The Broadway in Colburn.

Police and community leaders are planning to apply for a protection order following a sharp rise in anti-social behaviour problems in Colburn.

Residents say groups of children are causing significant problems on evenings by intimidating and harassing residents.

Colburn Town Council heard that young people were harassing volunteers helping at the library, as well as verbally abusing shop keepers at the Broadway.

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Residents also reported being abused, with one pensioner telling the meeting he asked a group that was being noisy to move on and was called a “paedo” by the children.

Others said stones had been thrown at their house.

Sergeant Kev Graham, the community sergeant for Catterick Garrison, told the meeting that although anti-social behaviour reports had been down on the previous year in Colburn in June and July, there had been a rise of 50 reports in August, September and October so far.

In total, there had been almost 170 reports to police over the three months.

Sgt Graham said that North Yorkshire Police had increased patrols in Colburn in a bid to reduce the problem.

All PCSOs in the garrison where directed to patrol in Colburn to prevent and deter problems.

Richmondshire response officers had been told that when not on other duties, they too should patrol the town.

The meeting heard that files had been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service and Youth Justice Service for decision to be made on whether several people should be prosecuted.

Several local young people were also involved in acceptable behaviour contracts to divert them from anti-social behaviour.

Dispersal orders have also been used to move people from an area.

Police and Richmondshire District Council are now looking to introduce a public spaces protection order in Colburn.

These measures are used to tackle issues that are harming the quality of life in a local community.

It could mean people breaching the order by causing trouble are issued with a £1o0 fixed penalty notice or prosecuted.

Commenting on the proposal, Sgt Graham said: “It’s not gong to be a silver bullet and it won’t be an instant fix, but we think it will help reduce anti-social behaviour.”

One member of the public told the meeting: “I’ve lived her all my life and this is the worst I’ve known it.”

Before the order is applied a consultation with the local community will need to take place.

Further details are expected to be announced shortly.