Public to have say on plans for development in North Yorkshire

Detailed proposals on how local people will be able to help influence future housing and industrial developments in North Yorkshire are being drawn up.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) will set out how residents, businesses and organisations can have a say in the preparation of the county’s Local Plan, neighbourhood plans and planning applications.

The statutory document will cover all areas of planning where there is engagement with the local community.

Members of North Yorkshire Council’s executive have approved a draft SCI for the county. This will undergo six weeks of consultation, starting towards the end of the summer. The document will then come back for further consideration before being adopted by the authority.

The council must prepare a Local Plan, excluding the National Parks for the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales, and a minerals and waste plan for the county, with the SCI one of the first stages in that process.

North Yorkshire Council’s executive member for open for business, including planning, Cllr Derek Bastiman, said: “We must prepare and adopt a Local Plan and the first stage in achieving this is setting out our strategy for engagement. We want this process to be inclusive and engaging.

“The long-term ambition of adopting a Local Plan can affect all services, as it will set the tone for development across the county by allocating sites and policies – the statement of community involvement will give local people a chance to have their say.”

Details of the public consultation will be published on North Yorkshire Council’s website at once they have been finalised.


  1. In other words, they will ask people their views and then ignore them…

  2. The councils need to look at water treatment and dealing with rain water which should not be allowed to flow into treatment plants, rain water from drains should be diverted into water courses, this will end the need to discharge sewage into water courses/sea.
    Developers should be made to bear the cost of more treatment plants at the planning application stage.

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