Pupils attend Risedale School careers fair

Y9 students James Pollock (left) Omar Secka with the fire service.

Representatives from further education institutions, local businesses and the emergency services attended Risedale School’s careers fair this week.

The event, held in the main school hall, aimed to showcase the array of career options available to pupils.

Each year group had dedicated time to explore the exhibits and engage in conversations with the providers.

Pupils were encouraged to ask questions specific to their interests and career aspirations, taking ownership of their exploration and gathering insightful information directly from representatives across the various educational and professional fields.

Risedale careers leader Mrs Porritt said: “We want pupils to have the opportunity to connect with external providers and employers, learning about different career paths and industries.

“A huge thank you to all involved in yesterday’s event, especially the office staff and site team at the start of the morning, getting all the providers settled before the start. Our guests were really impressed with their efficiency.

“I am incredibly grateful to both our pupils for their enthusiasm and the participating exhibitors for their time and insights.”

Mark Bastow, crew manager from North Yorkshire Fire Service, said: “We really find it rewarding participating in events like this at local schools.

“We help pupils explore potential future careers. They love the interactive aspect, trying on uniforms and handling equipment. Even if they’re not considering the Fire Service now, it plants a seed for the future.”