Pupils refused entry to school bus for not wearing masks

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A bus company has been spoken to after pupils were refused admission to a school bus for not wearing face coverings.

Several children who attend The Wensleydale School in Leyburn were left at the bus stop this morning.

One parent told how her 11-year-old daughter had been left behind in Middleham after forgetting her mask.

She said: “My other daughter rang me in tears as her sister who is 11 got left on the street.

“I rushed back home as I was dropping my six-year-old at school to find she wasn’t there.

“I then phoned the school who didn’t know where she was — I was so frightened that she was on her own.”

Luckily, another parent whose child had also been refused entry to the bus had taken her in.

“We think that this should not be allowed.

“We drop our children off to get the bus to find them not on it and no idea where they are.

“They are 11-years-old and they forget sometimes.

“If it wasn’t a friend’s mum that picked them up it could have been a very different story.”

Amanda Newbold, assistant director for education and skills, said officers had been in contact with the bus company.

She added: “We have spoken to the bus company involved and the company has confirmed that several pupils were refused entry onto a school bus one morning this week for not wearing face coverings.

“Face coverings are recommended and expected in confined spaces such as public transport and home-to-school transport, according to Government guidelines.

“However, the bus operator has said in the future its drivers will hand out face coverings to any pupils who have forgotten their own.

“Wensleydale School has also purchased additional face coverings to hand out to any pupils in need of them.”

Parents were informed of the issue in an email from headteacher Julia Polley.

She said: “I became aware this morning that one NYCC County Transport bus, denied students access because they did not have face masks.

“Whilst I appreciate rules have relaxed, as a school we maintained masks on buses- at the request of the bus companies. we have a good supply of disposable masks and should your children need some please do ask them to tell us.

“I am disappointed that students were left at the bus stop and have contacted the bus company.

“However, Covid is still on the rise in our area and we must still do our best to protect everyone.”


  1. Horrified to read this, especially as we see so many people out & about who are not wearing masks (I say this as a consistent mask wearer). Children should never be left like that.

  2. Bus drivers leaving children behind because they are not wearing masks is unlawful and unforgiveable. Children have no part in either vulnerability to covid or responsibility for transmitting it, neither should they be made to experience the false notion that mask wearing is mandatory, or that covid is on the rise? What about the neglect of duty of care responsibilities for young people, which leaves them far more vulnerable than they are to covid, which is of no more danger now than the common cold? Shame on the bus companies.

    Sue – with a bleeding heart.

  3. Absolutely get another bus company! Being human is about not causing harm and this was potentially criminally inhuman, certainly insane and dangerous.

    If you look at the government website, you will see that everyone who chooses to be is exempt from mask wearing and there is a raft of scientific and peer reviewed papers which show that mask wearing is utterly useless (apart from physically sneezing droplets and we have all learned to sneeze into a hanky or elbow and not someone’s face on a bus). It is also shown that breathing in your on exhaust is severely bad for us, lowers our pH, supressing the immune system (presumably, we would have our noses and mouths connected if that was good for us?)

    Also, it should be considered that there was not a huge spike after the summit meeting in Cornwall, or Ascot, Wimbledon or the football where everyone was crammed together and not a mask in sight – this was a good demonstration which should have led to individuals critically questioning their beliefs, beliefs which are generated by what is carefully selected to be fed to us on by the media. And we should question who we feel we trust.

    Leaving an 11 year old on the pavement without handing her to an approved carer is unlawful. You are not even allowed to leave a child alone under 14. In future if the situation should arise again, then ALL the children should get off the bus in solidarity. Imagine if she had disappeared as thousands of children do each year? Who is responsible (society, obviously, but in this day and age the blame game is rife – so whom?)

    Another bus company for sure and educate the driver, what were they THINKING!!???


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