Radar to be used to survey Dales churchyard

St Oswald's Church, Askrigg

Ground penetrating radar will be used to survey the small churchyard  Askrigg and Low Abbotside Parish Council was told at its meeting on Wednesday, July 20.

Stephanie Durrant, churchwarden at St Oswald’s Church, explained that before the small churchyard could be closed it had to be proved that the graveyard was full. It was, therefore, intended to book a ground penetrating radar survey and it was hoped that the Diocese of Leeds would help towards the cost.

For the survey, she said, the vegetation would have to be kept low. The parish council agreed to loan its strimmer to the church for a week in August. It also agreed to donate £250 towards the cost of repairing the church clock.

Mrs Durrant informed the meeting about the sample render patches which have been placed on the church tower. These will remain there for a year, she said, to see how they weather. She agreed to ensure that the parish council received any relevant information about the church.

Jubilee Beacon. – The chairman, Cllr Bruce Fawcett, formally thanked Cllr James Hodgson and his father David for allowing the Jubilee Beacon to be lit on Whitfield and for cleaning up afterwards. Cllr Fawcett said it was an excellent site for the beacon.

Footpaths. – Cllr Hodgson asked if anything had been agreed with North Yorkshire Highways to extend the footpath near to Carrs Billington to make it safer for families with pushchairs and older people.  The clerk will check on this.

Cllr Hodgson also pointed out the pathway on the opposite side of the road was very narrow.

It was reported that it was difficult to walk along the back lane from Leyburn Road due to overhanging bushes.   Cllr Allen Kirkbride said he would take a look.   A resident had written to the council regarding cutting of the back lane.   Cllr. Fawcett said the lane needed cutting as it was a public footpath.

Highways. – Cllr  Fawcett said the culvert at Nappa was still not properly cleared and the wall had not been re-instated.

The clerk will follow up the request to cut back trees up Howgate and will also report pot holes at the West End. She will also ask Highways to replace the no through road sign at Gill Gate as the previous one appeared to have disappeared.

A resident had asked if a bus stop marking on the road would be possible at the bus stop in the village. This was discussed and the councillors decided it was not needed.

It was agreed the clerk would write to Northern Power to ask that cobbles be re-set following work carried out by its contractors.

Silver Street. – It was reported that the old car outside Skeldale House was still causing a problem for people trying to get out of Silver Street onto the main road.

The clerk was asked to contact Highways and North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock regarding placing a yellow line in front of Skeldale to restrict day time parking and allow safer access to and from Silver Street.

Cllr Kirkbride said the Yorkshire Water pumping station in Askrigg was a disgrace and needed painting. The clerk agreed to contact Yorkshire Water.

Local Plan. – The contents of the latest consultation concerning the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s proposed new Local Plan were noted. These stated that 50 new dwellings per annum will be needed in the National Park.

Cllr Fawcett said he felt Askrigg had more than its fair share of new housing over the years.

Next meeting. –  will be in the back room of the village hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday September 21.