Rare white stag delights passing motorists

The white stag. Photo: David Haughton.

A rare white stag has delighted passing motorists after being spotted in Wensleydale.

The deer has been seen by a number of people traveling on the A684 between Leyburn and Bedale in recent weeks.

The animal, believed to be a fallow deer, is often spotted early in the morning with other deer which are the usual colours.

Photos have also been posted on social media showing the stag with deer which are much lighter than fallow deer usually are, although not as white as he is.

One person said: “Saw the white stag on Sunday — he’s stunning.”

Another added: “I saw the white stag today. It was beautiful, I was so shocked to see it.”

However, one motorist said they nearly ran into the animal after it ran in front of their car recently.


  1. It’s a buck, not a stag. As for rare, far from it. But never the true get in the way of a good story Hay!

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