Reclaimed stone used on Yorkshire Dales rights of way

Some of the reclaimed stone has been used as steps near Stalling Busk close to Semerwater in Raydaleside.

A civil engineering company in conjunction with Network Rail has been thanked for securing donations of reclaimed stone for use on the rights of way network within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

J Murphy & Sons working on behalf of Network Rail wanted to stop good quality stone from a bridge replacement and station platform infrastructure upgrades being sent to landfill.

They contacted a Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) ranger and, over the past couple of years, have arranged for several deliveries of discarded stone for use within the national park.

The latest delivery is a batch of substantial coping stones and kerb lines.

Richard Jakeman, from Network Rail, said: “We’re always looking at ways to reduce waste on the railway so when it became clear the stone destined for landfill could help stop footpath erosion it was a no brainer to donate it to the national park authority.

“It’s great that the thousands of people who travel by train to explore the Yorkshire Dales are now also being helped by the railway underfoot as they enjoy this area of outstanding natural beauty.”

YDNPA area manager Matt Neale said: “Sometimes the passion that people show for the National Park is inspiring.   J Murphy & Sons and Network Rail had the foresight and motivation to see that a new home could be found for stone no longer of use to the railway.

“They took the time to get in touch and overcame the challenge of transporting the stone and we’d like to thank them for that.

“The stone is very useful stuff for us; we’ve used it for through stones in wall repairs, for steps and bits of riverbank work.  It’s saved us thousands of pounds and has helped us to keep the rights of way network well maintained.

“It’s a nice thought that stone that was once part of a bridge at Westhoughton can enjoy retirement as a step overlooking Lake Semerwater.”

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