Recruits return to Catterick’s Infantry Training Centre

Recruits return to the ITC at Catterick Garrison.

Recruits of Infantry Training Centre (ITC) in Catterick Garrison returned back to their unit ahead of the commencement of their post-lockdown training.

The unit, which produces future infanteers of the British Army, have implemented the recent government guidelines on social distancing into the unit, including using cones on the drill square at two-metre apart.

ITC instructor, Lance Sergeant Elms said that one of the biggest changes the centre had implemented into the training was more outdoor lessons and enforcing the two metre rule.

The unit, which runs four versions of the Combat Infantryman’s Course (Line Infantry, Foot Guards, PARAs and Gurkhas), has run virtual training for the future soldiers during lockdown.

Recruit Jack Ryan said that he used the Defence Learning Environment while he was at home to catch up on virtual lessons and Zoom sessions were put into place where recruits could speak to their sergeants about training. [kofi]