Redheaded dad and daughter launch business making and selling copper homeware

Stephanie Walker and father Colin.

A redheaded dad and daughter team have gone into business together making and selling copper homeware.

Colin and Stephanie Walker, from Brompton-on-Swale, launched their company, Coppertops, during the lockdown.

Colin is a plumber and has worked with copper for decades, although not in this way.

The idea to start a business together began after Stephanie wanted a copper heart making for her home she shares with her wife and two sons.

The company name, Coppertops, is a play on the fact that they are both redheads.

One of the products in the Coppertops range.

As well as selling products online at, the pair’s goods are available at the Showcase gallery in Finkle Street, Richmond.

Stephanie said: “It’s lovely to have started something together during a difficult time when I was out of work and my dad was on furlough.

” I am achieving a life long goal of selling homeware crafts — it’s something we would have never done without the lockdown.”