Relief as ospreys return to Wensleydale breeding site

The female osprey on her nest.

A pair of ospreys have returned to their breeding site in the Yorkshire Dales.

The birds — the first breeding pair recorded in Yorkshire since records began in the 1800s — are back on the Bolton Estate in Wensleydale.

The male arrived back earlier this month and the estate’s head gamekeeper has confirmed the return of the female bird in recent days.

The pair first bred on the estate in 2022, raising two chicks.

In a post on social media, the Yorkshire Dales Moorland Group said: “The male arrived around 2nd April but as the days passed there was some anxiety about whether the female would join him.

“So we were delighted to receive this image today from the headkeeper at the estate here in the Yorkshire Dales where they breed.

“We will provide updates as things progress.”

The osprey was once common across Europe but was driven to extinction in many parts, including Britain, in the 1800s.

In recent years, with active reintroductions, it has been making a comeback, but threats still remain.

The female bird is known as Blue KS1 and hatched at Glaslyn in Wales in 2018.

Her mate is un-ringed.

KS1’s mother is known as ‘Mrs G’ and has been returning to Wales since 2004 and her father known as Aran has been with Mrs G since 2012.

It is believed that this is the first of Aran’s offspring known to be breeding.



  1. ‘But threats still remain’- and those threats are? Oh yes, being shot and climate change.

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