Report from Aysgarth Township parish meeting


Aysgarth Township. –  “It’s nice to see people coming and having their picnics there,” commented Irene Pickard about the bench on Aysgarth green near her home.

But at the recent Aysgarth Township parish meeting she warned that it was now in a very bad state of repair.

Parish councillors John Dinsdale and Robert Walker said they would inspect all the public benches in Aysgarth.

A tribute. – The meeting paid tribute to a former Aysgarth parish councillor, Tom Knowles, whose funeral took place on March 20. It was pointed out that he was the first to buy a Christmas tree for the village.

“He was a generous man,” said Mrs Pickard.

Untidy village. – There was concern that the village was beginning to look very untidy. Cllr Dinsdale (who chaired the meeting) described how the villagers in Thornton Rust held a work day each April to tidy up their village. It was agreed that something similar should be organised in Aysgarth.

Community defibrillator. – A resident asked if anything more should be done to protect the community defibrillator during very cold weather.

The clerk, Pip Land, informed the meeting that it was likely that by next year both the defibrillator pads and the battery will need replacing and the cost will need to be borne by the parish.

Cllr Dinsdale said that the cost of replacing such items at Aysgarth, Newbiggin in Bishopdale, Thornton Rust and Thoralby would be met by Aysgarth and District Parish Council.

Tip Lane. – It was agreed to request the parish council to supply another load of Quarry Crusher Run for spreading on Tip Lane so as to keep it reasonably free of potholes.

For the coming year Mr Spence has rented High Lane and Cllr David Wood has rented Flout Moor and Seata Lane. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust continues to rent Seata Quarry.