Report from Leyburn Town Council

Thornborough Hall.


Minutes of the meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 16th April 2018 at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllr Walker Cllr Sanderson

Cllr Begley Cllr Riley

Cllr Pace Cllr Medley

Cllr Wood

District Cllrs Duff and Sedgwick

PCSO Lidia Ford


PCSO Ford gave a short update on local crime. Drug operations had been carried out in local pubs recently. Although a lot of Police officers were involved and this could have deemed as heavy-handed, it was essential for the success of the operation.

A local resident questioned the quality of the current poster on the ‘What’s on’ noticeboard. This is a temporary poster and a new one is being printed professionally.

Another resident asked if any progress had been made with regard to the fire hazard at the antique shop. This had been reported to Environmental Health at RDC.

The resident also asked if a banner advertising the community cafe at St Matthews Church could be put up in town. The Town Council do not have any control over this but it was always intended that banners should be put up no earlier than two weeks before the event and not left up long-term.

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Read and Bradford.

  1. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council’s Code of Conduct or Members’ Register of Interest – Cllr Sanderson declared an interest in item 6(d).
  1. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 19th March were approved as a correct record.


Mr Ian Leathley has contacted his insurance company about the repairs needed to the stone steps adjacent to the Town Hall in the Market Place.

The tourist information leaflet stand has been delivered to the Co-op store and one is also in the Bolton Arms. Local tourist attractions which currently do not have leaflets in the stand will be contacted and TI signage will be arranged for the outside of the shop.

The railings on St Mary’s Mount are due to be painted this week.

The new locking pay doors will soon be fitted at Kelberdale Terrace toilets.

A vehicle had recently collided with a wall on Moor Road near to Manor Court. NYCC Highways will be contacted again and asked to re-consider anti-speeding measures.

The Leyburn Library volunteers are holding a ‘Books and Bakes’ afternoon on Monday, 23rd April from 12 – 2 p.m..

A letter of thanks had been received from the Health Accommodation Trust for the donation towards a reclining chair for one of the Step up Step down flats at Kirkwood Hall.


A Shawl Fields Management Group Meeting had been held. A new picnic table will be purchased for the entrance area. A loose dog from a local house has been seen again on the Shawl so the Dog Warden and the Police will be contacted since the homeowner has already been warned about this problem on several occasions previously.



  1. Leyburn Town Council is now on social media and this is already proving to be a success- the page to promote the first Sunday market reached over 9,000 people and there had been a good response from posts.

  1. The Electoral Review of Richmondshire Final Recommendations have been published. Leyburn and Middleham have been kept in separate wards.

  1. David Poole gave a presentation from Leyburn & Mid Wensleydale Partnership Ltd regarding donation requests for this year’s upcoming events in Leyburn.

Decision/Comment Required

  1. Councillors discussed the donation requests from Leyburn & Mid Wensleydale Ltd towards this year’s Food & Drink festival, 1940’s Weekend and the Christmas Festival. It was agreed to donate £500 to each of the three events.

  1. Councillors discussed the resurfacing of the Market Square and it was agreed to obtain some guide prices.

  1. Councillors discussed the current location of the ice cream kiosk and agreed that it would be better to move it up adjacent to the electric box. The towing hitch should be covered by flower boxes as offered by the owners.

  1. It was agreed to ask Yorkshire Dales ice cream not to put A boards on the pavement.

  1. Councillors approved the request from Murphy’s fair for use of the Market Square for the May fair from 15th– 21st May.

  1. Late item: Location for the bike sculpture – It was agreed that it should be located on the stone flower trough near to the flagpole.



  1. The wording of the draft report had been presented to Councillors and it was hoped that a proof copy with photos in it would soon be ready for checking.



  1. Decision No. 18/00004/FULL

Full Planning Permission to Replace Existing Front Door with Timber Door and a Number of Windows to the Rear and Dormer to the Front in UPVC at Danby House, 8 St Matthews Terrace, Harmby Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire,


  1. Decision No. 17/00147/FULL

Full Planning Permission for Conversion of a Stone Barn Into a Three Bedroom Dwelling and Detached Garage at Quarry Barn, Moor Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5LA.GRANTED

Decision/Comment Required

  1. 18/00201/LBC

Listed Building Consent for Annex Extension to Create Additional Bedroom Accommodation at Leyburn Hall, Commercial Square, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5BP.

  1. 18/00200/FULL

Full Planning Permission for Annex Extension to Create Additional Bedroom Accommodation at Leyburn Hall, Commercial Square, Leyburn, North Yorkshire,

DL8 5BP.

  1. 18/00198/APDN

Prior Approval for Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to Dwellinghouse (C3) and for Associated Operational Development (Revised Submission) at The Agricultural Barn, Wensley Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

  1. 18/00189/FULL

Full Planning Permission for Change of Use From Class B1/B8 to B2 and Formation of Mezzanine Floor at 4 Badger Court, Harmby Road Business Park, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5BF

There were no objections to items (c) to (f) above.



  1. The first Sunday Market of the season was a success with a total of 19 stalls attending.



  1. The shrubs located on either side of the path in the Cemetery have been cut into the shapes of crosses. This was not permitted and Councillors would be interested to know who had done this. Meanwhile the gardeners will be asked to prune them back to their usual shape.


Decision/Comment Required

  1. It was agreed to place window boxes with flowers on the windows of the Market Shelter.


Decision/Comment Required

  1. It was agreed to appoint Mr Ian Simthson as Internal Auditor for the Annual Audit for the year 2017/18.


Councillors expressed their thanks to Allan Morris for his hard work for the Town Council.

The Clerks were reminded once more to order the metal bollards for the top of the Market Place and arrange to have the donations box painted on the market shelter.

The old banner will be removed from Bellerby Road by Cllr Sanderson.

This was the final Town Council Meeting that the Clerk, Julie Forrest, would attend and the Chairman thanked her and wished her well for her retirement at the end of the month.

  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 21st May in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.