Report from Muker Parish Council’s March meeting

Muker. Photo: Dennis Turner.

Matters Arising:

Thwaite and Hoggarths Bridge – Thwaite Bridge has now been repaired.

Defibrillator Batteries – It was agreed to hold off ordering the batteries for the time being. Clerk to monitor defib battery level.

Security Barrier B6270 – the fence had been repaired but had not been upgraded by Highways.

WW1 Beacons – There had been no response as of yet to the posters regarding the WW1 Beacons. If any member of the parish would like to see the Parish taking part in the commemorations then they are reminded to contact the Clerks.

The Unsafe tree at Muker had been reported to the Muker Moor Commitee, who had agreed to deal with it.

Defibrillator Tan Hill – Both Cllr Blackie and Cllr Blows had provided information regarding grants available for the placement of a defibrillator at Tan Hill. The grants will not be available until the next financial yea. In the meantime the owners of Tan Hill have been requested to place a collection box in the pub to get the ball rolling.

Finance – Orders to Pay, cheques were raised to pay NYCC for the Muker Village Nameplate, Dales Reyno-Vations for the repairs to Thwaite notice board, Muker Literary Institute for meetings held and to pay the Clerks A Stringer and N Turner.


Cllr Whitehead raised the issue of water standing on the road by the village sign just east of Muker. Clerk to contact Highways.

Cllr Metcalfe raised the issue of water causing pot holes on the road to Ivelet. Cllr Porter had previously raised this issue and Highways had investigated and stated that it did not meet their criteria for repair. Clerk to contact Highways.

Richmondshire D.C – Small Parish Insurance Scheme – A letter had been received stating that RDC were no longer providing the Small Parish Insurance Scheme. N Turner had received a quote from Zurich Insurance direct, which was actually cheaper than RDC. It was agreed to take up their quote.

NYCC– Public Right of Way – A letter had been received regarding changes to Public Rights of Way controlled by NYCC . This however excluded YDNP so was not relevant to the Parish.

YDNPA – Planning Permission has been granted for Usha Gap for Roofing over Sheep pens.

National Park Parish Forum – The Chairman read out a letter from Allen Kirkbride the Parish Representative for Richmondshire regarding the next parish forum meeting on 26 April 2017.

YLCA – A fact sheet from a recent meeting regarding planning applications had been received. Clerk to file this and to further consult when planning applications are received.


UDHW – the minutes of the most recent Upper Dales Health Watch meeting had been received it was noted that there was concern regarding the potential closure of Darlington A&E and that the Central Dales Practice were in contact with Rishi Sunak MP and Cllr John Blackie.

Wateraid – An e-mail had been received from Wateraid detailing The Water Cycle Challenge a cycling event taking place on the 1 July with proceeds going to Wateraid. There will be approximately 200 cyclist taking part in the event, which will go via the Buttertubs from Hawes, through Muker and Gunnerside.

Wheels to Work – A letter had been received from Wheels to Work asking the Parish Council to publicise their service. Wheels to Work are a not for profit charity who has a fleet of mopeds for loan for people who require one to travel to and from work. Details can be found at: or Telephone Andy Reddick on 01609 780458 ext 209.

The Ashtag Project – A letter had been received from YDNP regarding the Ashtag Project, raising awareness of Ash die back fungi. The projects aim is to report the spread of fungi and to identify any Ash tree’s that may have natural immunity or resistance to it. The YDNP are requesting that people can take part in the project by placing a metal tag on a tree, marking its location on an online map. Further details can be found at:

Date and Time of Next Meeting: Thursday 18 May 2017. 7.30pm