Report planned on parking in Leyburn, councillors told

Thornborough Hall.

Report from Leyburn Town Council Meeting held Monday, September 17.

A Police Report was given by PCSO Watson.

Cllr Sedgwick reported that the Wensleydale School debate held at Thornborough Hall attended by Rishi Sunak and the Deputy Lord Lieutenant was a success in showcasing the student’s talents. Cllr Sedgwick also discussed concerns highlighted at a meeting attended at Leyburn Lodge about long term housing for residents.

A former town team member discussed the work carried out by the group over the years and remaining balance of funds. Cllr Sanderson thanked them for all the work and commitment over the years.


The Clerks Report gave the following updates since last meeting;

The bollards are now in place at the top of the market square.

The Planning Officer was contacted about the buffer zone of trees between Maythorne farm and Coverdale/Bishopdale close. They have replied saying “they understand this was a requirement of the previous planning permission and whilst some trees were planted, most have failed. It is not something directly related to the new application (although I can see how it is relevant) and so the Enforcement team is dealing with this separately with the landowner and the developer in
order to ensure that this landscaping condition is complied with”.

The owner of Leyburn Hall has been contacted regarding the wall between Leyburn Hall and Chapel flatts field, he has promised that the work to repair the wall will be finished by the middle of October.

The Council are still experiencing problems with vandalism to the pay doors at Kelberdale Terrace.

An increase in dog fowling upon the Shawl fields has been reported.


The NHS Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body meeting will be held on Thursday 27th September from 1.30-4.30pm at Tennants, Leyburn.


Cllr Riley attended a meeting at Leyburn Lodge to discuss the concern over lack of long term community housing for the residents.

Cllr Sanderson reported back on a meeting attended by Cllr Riley and Cllr Sedgwick with North Yorkshire County Council Highways to discuss the future of parking in Leyburn. NYCC Highways are going to carry out a report to assess the options available and the expected costs. This report will be discussed further by the Town Plan Committee when it is received.


The Council discussed the Terms of Reference for the Market working party; the terms will be completed by the Clerk for approval at the October meeting.

Donation request from the Old School House, Leyburn for the Youth Project- The Council resolved to donate £600 on the condition that they obtain the remaining funding required. 

Donation Request from St Matthews Church – The Council discussed the request and ask for further information on the repairs needed to the clock tower.

The council resolved to arrange re-painting of the inside of the market Shelter.

The Council Approved to support the Clerks Training for the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CilCA).


The Thornborough Hall roofing condition survey will be carried out over the next few weeks.

The Council approved the Terms of Reference for the Thornborough Hall Committee.


The Council discussed setting up a Town Plan Implementation Committee and five working parties to oversee the action plans formed by the survey.


18/00173/FULL Full Planning Permission for the Eco Dwelling on Land at Fairfields, 30 The Shawl, Riseber, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5DG – AMENDED PROPOSAL. The Council discussed the amended proposal in detail and were opposed to the application. Councillors deem that the size of the proposed property is inappropriate for the size of the plot and that a
bungalow would be less obtrusive. Councillors had concerns about the level of ground works which will need to be undertaken and the impact this will have on the volume of traffic and noise for other residents.

18/00589/AA Advertisement Consent for Costa Coffee Shop Signage at 7-9 High Street, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5AL.

The Council have no objections to this application.

The Council discussed a draft statement outlining the concerns over the Hilltop Farm development, this statement will be finalised and reviewed at the October meeting.


The Council discussed and approved the request from Mrs Craft to add diaries and calendars to her stock list.

The purchase of additional signage for the market was discussed and the Council resolved to not purchase new signage at the moment, additional signage will be discussed again before the summer Monthly Markets commence next year.

The Council discussed the Replacement of a swing seat at the Shawl playing fields and resolved to replace it with a single toddler swing seat.

The worn equipment at Maythorne playground was discussed and the Council resolved to request an additional inspection of the equipment.

The use of the Shawl playing fields for the annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display was granted. The Council discussed the donation request from the Wensleydale Round Table towards the Bonfire and Fireworks Display and resolved to donate £400.00.

The Council resolved to approve the accounts as a correct record.


It was reported that the slow markings on Moor Road are barely visible and that the kerb stones located on the mini roundabout near the Bolton Arms are damaged again. It was requested that the Clerk asks NYCC Highways to how many times the kerb has been repaired and to ask for that the markings are to be repainted.

The matter of the Little White Bus obstructing parking was raised.

The next Council meeting will be on Monday, 15th October 2018 in the Oak Room, Thornborough
Hall at 7.00 p.m