Reprieve for Hawes Sorting Office

Hawes sorting office.

The Post Office has rejected Royal Mail’s application to close Hawes Sorting Office.

The company wanted to relocate the office from Hawes to its facility in Leyburn, however the Post Office, which had the final say, refused to approve the move.

The decision has been welcomed by Cllr John Blackie, who urged the Post Office to keep the facility in the town.

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In a letter to Cllr Blackie, the Post Office ‘ national mailwork manager, Steve Utting, said that after careful consideration he had decided that the closure was not in the company’s “corporate best interest”.

Commenting on the decision, Cllr Blackie said:  “As volunteer sub-Postmaster for Hawes, I am delighted to receive the decision by the Post Office to refuse the request by Royal Mail to close the Hawes Sorting Office which has been in existence since 1945.

“I applaud its decision and the recognition it would not be in the corporate interest of the Post Office to lose a facility providing an excellent public service in one of the most deeply rural areas of England.”

He added: “My case to retain it, which attracted very considerable local support at a packed Hawes & High Abbotside Parish Council meeting last week, was that the town could ill afford to have the locally-based employment at the sorting office taken away unilaterally by Royal Mail, and lose the local knowledge our two postmen demonstrate daily, delivering to remote houses in the 75 square miles of wild, upland territory their rounds cover, often along rough unmarked tracks, when they retire or move on.”


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  1. Congratulations to Councillor Blackie on persuading the Post Office to insist on retaining the sorting office in Hawes. In Catterick Village, we were without a post office for well over a year, and now have a visiting ‘post office’ in the village hall for two hours a week. The population of the village is nearly double that of Leyburn, and many of the residents are elderly. Those who can drive to a post office elsewhere have to run the gauntlet of hazardous road ‘improvements’ in order to get to Brompton or Colburn, the nearest alternatives. I realise that Councillor Blackie has enough on his plate looking after the interests of his own electorate, but it would be appreciated if he could share the secret of his success with those who wish to argue for the return of a proper post office service to the ever increasing population of Catterick.

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