Request to provide home for Trooper Middleham

Middleham Market Place.

A ‘request of interest’ will be submitted to provide a permanent home for Trooper Middleham of The Household Cavalry when the horse retires, the February meeting of Middleham Town Council heard.

Trooper Middleham will be at the Stables Open Day in Middleham on Good Friday.

It was agreed that bollards should be installed where the road narrows outside the Old Town Hall during the Open Day to prevent cars being parked on the highway.

Holiday park. – Stuart Adamson informed the council that he intended to submit a planning application for the creation of a holiday park at Hillside Farm, East Witton Road.

This will comprise of 46 lodge-style units for a combination of holiday and longer-lets. There were a number of questions after he presented an outline site plan and invited comments. These included the retention of trees, paths, drainage, dog walking areas and timescale.

The council will submit formal comments once a detail application has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council (RDC).

Magistrates Court. – The councillors believed that a strong case had been made against the proposed closure of Northallerton Magistrates Court.

The council’s consultation submission to North Yorkshire Magistrates will note the difficulties that jurors, witnesses and defendants will experience if they have to travel to other towns to attend a magistrates court.

Councillor retires. – The chairman, Councillor Sue Fairhurst, formally thanked Professor Bryan Shorrocks for his service to the council.

He is resigning as a councillor because of taking on the role of Scientific Editor for the African Journal of Ecology.

Richard III Festival. – A sub-committee comprising of three councillors and three residents plus representatives from St Alkelda’s Church and English Heritage was formed to work on the arrangements for the Richard III Festival this year.

The sub-committee will report on progress to the next council meeting.

Tour de Yorkshire. – It was agreed that the council would contribute £250 towards the Tour de Yorkshire event subject to approval of funding by the RDC.

In addition financial support has been pledged by Middleham Trainers’ Association, the Business Forum and Middleham Sports and Community Wellbeing Association.

Some vegetation will be cut back adjacent to Low Moor so that open air artwork can be installed there as part of the Tour de Yorkshire event.

Blocked drains. – A resident had informed the council that even though she had attempted to clear the drains at the western end of the town they were still full of debris and so there was the possibility of flooding.

The councillors agreed that the drains were not being cleared as frequently as necessary. The council will, therefore, ask the county council to clean all the drains along the road to the Moor. This should be undertaken after 1pm after racehorses had returned from the Moors.

Planning. – The council has objected to the proposal to build flat roof extensions to the front, side and rear of a house in St Alkelda’s Road.

It was felt that such a large area of flat roofing would be out of keeping with the general roof scape along that road and comprised over-development of the plot, particularly in relation to its immediate neighbour where a proposed two-storey wall would be very close to the boundary.

It was noted that an appeal had been lodged against the enforcement notice issued by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority concerning the unauthorised construction of a castle folly at Forbidden Corner.

Skate park. – The council considered that the existing inspection regime for the skate park was adequate providing all recommendations received from the RDC and RoSPA were undertaken in a timely manner.

Jubilee fountain. – It was agreed to give Rosemary Thompson £25 towards the cost of purchasing plants for the fountain. She was thanked for undertaking the work.

Mrs Thompson drew the council’s attention to the horse waste outside the entrance to the castle. It was agreed that this was unsightly.  The clerk will write to the trainers who use that road and to hauliers  removing waste to ask their help in keeping the area tidy particularly as the t