Requirement for CCTV in all Richmondshire taxis considered

Councillors are to consider whether to make it a requirement for all Richmondshire taxis to have CCTV cameras installed.

Members of Richmondshire District Council’s licensing committee will consider the move at a meeting next Tuesday.

A report prepared by officers ahead of the meeting says there is a provision within the council’s Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy for taxi owners to place CCTV within their vehicles which is currently voluntary.

The report adds: “Many councils within North Yorkshire have introduced mandatory provision into licensed vehicles which have helped to the incidents of complaints, assaults, theft etc. Mostly this was the trade who requested this introduction.

“Recently Craven District Council made installing CCTV mandatory within vehicles but have delayed implementation due to Covid.

“This was after a lengthy process of consultation and agreeing a list of suppliers.

“Each unit costs from £500 and may well be a financial restriction for operators who have several vehicles.”

With a mandatory introduction the council would become the data operator for each of the CCTV units.

Council officers say that if councillors agree to the move a consultation with the trade and public would need to be conducted and a timetable of introduction considered for both existing and new vehicles.


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  1. My father in-law has a couple who are turning up in a taxi at his home asking him to pay for the female to be taking to another town at daft a clock in the morning (he is 75 and has mental health issues) he’s paid a few times worried about his neighbours – if we knew there were cctv we’d charge them for obtains money through fraudulent means – this seems a great scheme as the police need the evidence they say to arrest this couple – we fully support this scheme

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