Residents asked about future of Yorkshire Dales National Park

  The new rail siding at Arcow quarry in Ribblesdale, a piece of work which happened because the public asked for it during the consultation period for the last National Park Management Plan. 

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A group of 13 public, private and voluntary sector organisations operating in the Yorkshire Dales National Park is asking people what they want to see happen in the park during the next five years.

People are being urged to answer three questions:

  • What do you love about the National Park?
  • How do you think the National Park could be improved?
  • And, what do you think are the three most important issues for the National Park Management Plan to tackle over the next five years?

The answers will be used to help update the National Park Management Plan for the period 2018-2023.

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The Plan is the most important document for influencing what happens in the National Park.

It sets out a long-term ‘vision’ for the Park and a list of specific objectives that the 13 organisations, and many others, will work together to achieve.

One of the organisations behind the survey is the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Its chairman, Carl Lis, said it provided a great opportunity for residents, businesses and visitors to shape the future of the Park.

“I hear people in the street saying that ‘they’ should be doing this or that.  The ‘they’ is shorthand for organisations which are perceived to have power or influence.  Well, this survey is a chance for you to speak directly to those organisations.  Tell us what you think should be happening in the National Park to make it a better place.

“Many great things have happened in the past five years in response to what people told us last time round, in 2012.  A good example of progress is the new rail siding serving Arcow and Dry Rigg quarries.

“People said they wanted fewer lorries on the road. As a result, an objective was included in the Management Plan to establish rail links at the three quarries in Ribblesdale – two of which have now been connected.”

The consultation closes on 3 July.  There are a range of ways for people to respond:

  • The online questionnaire at
  • Email
  • By postcard response (available at National Park Centres, Authority offices, Tourist Information Centres and other outlets)
  • On social media using #yourdales

Mr Lis added: “Whether you prefer to use modern technology, or pen and paper, or one of the postcards that are available from local information centres, putting forward your views couldn’t be easier.”

The information and opinions gathered will be used to create a draft National Park Management Plan, which will go out for public consultation early next year.

Yvonne Peacock, the leader of Richmondshire District Council – another of the organisations in the group – said: “The Management Plan is a powerful influence on what happens in the National Park, and how we and others spend our budgets.  It’s really important that as many local people and businesses as possible take part in the survey, as well as visitors.”

The 13 partner organisations conducting the survey represent landowners, business, local councils and government agencies. They are:

Craven District Council

Dales Farmer Network

Dales Rural Estates Network

Dales Tourism Business

Eden District Council

Environment Agency

Forestry Commission

Lancaster City Council

Natural England

Richmondshire District Council

South Lakeland District Council

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

There is a statutory duty to review the Management Plan every five years. The current plan runs until 2018: