Residents of Brompton-on-Swale seek protection from A1 noise

The A1(M) at Brompton-on-Swale.

Brompton-on-Swale residents are seeking greater noise protection from traffic using the upgraded A1 motorway.

A number of residents in the village have written to Richmond MP Rishi Sunak saying that since the £400m motorway fully opened traffic noise has increased significantly.

Many say they are mystified why a neighbouring sports field has benefited from noise baffle fencing alongside the three-lane motorway but not the residential areas.

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Although the residential areas – Brompton Park, Brompton Court and Honeypot Road – do benefit from some mature trees on the motorway embankment which were in place alongside the old A1, the residents say the screening is ineffective and will be even less effective when the trees are not in leaf.

Although the new three-lane southbound carriageway has been built to the east of the old A1, the residents say the higher average speeds of the traffic mean noise overall has increased.

Mr Sunak said he had written to Highways England asking for the fencing screening the sports field to be extended so as to protect the neighbouring homes.

He said: “The new road is superb and a tremendous asset for the area but it is clear that the higher average speeds on the motorway are affecting not just the residents whose homes are adjacent but also some distance away. It has been particularly noticeable since the lifting of the temporary speed restrictions on the Brompton on Swale stretch.

“I fully understand the villagers’ frustrations over the screening for the sports field but not their homes and have asked Highways England to consider extending the baffle fencing further northwards.”

The Leeming to Barton stretch of upgraded motorway was opened last week by the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling. The scheme cost £400m and now means the A1 is motorway standard from London to Newcastle.

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  1. Totally agree with this we will be writing too. It’s so noisy now at night you can’t sleep with your window open.

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