Residents demand action after Bank Holiday party at Richmond falls

Rubbish left behind at the falls. Photo: Dereck King.

Police and council officials are to look at solutions amid concerns after dozens of people gathered at Richmond falls yesterday to drink and take legal highs.

Broken glass bottles, empty cans, used barbecues and nitrous oxide gas cannisters was among the rubbish left behind at the beauty spot.

Volunteers visited the area to tidy up after the gathering last night, while others returned this morning and collected more rubbish.

Videos posted online by people visiting the falls showed young people listening to loud dance music and failing to adhere to social distancing.

Photographs also showed visitors taking nitrous oxide, with dozens of empty gas cartridges left behind yesterday.


Partygoers enjoying the sun and ignoring advice to stay safe at Costa Del Richmond today

Posted by Yorkshire Connected on Monday, 25 May 2020

Local residents have praised the volunteers who helped clear away the rubbish and have urged the police and local authorities to prevent similar incidents in coming weeks.

A Facebook group has been launched calls for officials to take action.

Volunteers who cleaned up the falls on Sunday. Photo: Kris Hird.

Inspector Mark Gee, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, confirmed that officers made two arrests at the falls area yesterday evening — a 30-year-old man from the Newcastle area and a 29-year-old man from Catterick Garrison.

A penalty notice was also issued for disorder.

He said: “We did increase our patrols over the weekend not in just Richmond but across Richmondshire due to the Bank Holiday weekend.

“We continue to engage, explain and encourage in line with the national police response.”

Insp Gee said he was keen to work with local authorities and the community safety partnership to address the problems at the falls in Richmond.

He added: “What does concern me is the use of the nitrous oxide by the young people and would appeal to parents to discuss the dangers of using this with their children.”

The officer stressed that it was not illegal to possess the gas, but it was illegal to supply it.

A Richmondshire District Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issues at Richmond Falls at the weekend and are reviewing the facts we have.

“We are looking into the problem with our partner organisations – including the police – and explore what we might be able to do.

“We expect to issue a further update tomorrow.” [kofi]


  1. From various posts it would seem to suggest people from the NHS were partying here! Surely not, after all the flak currently going round. And who is supplying the nitrous oxide? trust its not coming from our local health service illegally!

  2. Blah blah blah lots of talk after the event – pity they didn’t talk before it

  3. It’s nothing new tho..! Every bank holiday the river falls and other local tourist attractions are left in this disgraceful state.. The fact that there is no regard for any social distancing just adds to the total disregards or respect for these beauty spots and the locals that can not enjoy them unless they clean them up!! It’s no longer safe for bare footed playing or dogs!!

  4. Disgusting!! I feel sorry for the locals I live near and I stayed at home some of us dont want a 2nd spike and want out of lockdown . And the mess !!!

  5. peaple are selfish ,the goverment should not have eased lockdown.
    lockdown should now be imposed again because too many people can
    not be trusted.
    also the police need to patrol the streets no sign of the police.

  6. I went to school in this town, spent many happy years as a young boy to young adult in the area. It’s the first Richmond in the world with 56 others named after it. Its history and beauty are simply astounding! The footpaths by the bridge on the river were built by myself and my uncle, and other top fellas, several decades ago.
    To see the area trashed like this by outsiders, is absolutely unacceptable! It reflects on their parents and their futures, and they should absolutely be held accountable! Having read the Facebook group page, it appears many of them were from Teeside College of Nursing? The college needs to step in and say something to these imbecile students!
    Here’s hoping RDC steps up and quickly!

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