Residents not told of Yorkshire Water planned road closure

The road closure in Gayles. Photo: Mags Cran.

Residents have spoken of their frustration after Yorkshire Water closed the road through their Richmondshire village for planned maintenance work – but failed to warn people.

Yorkshire Water has today apologised after admitting it failed to notify residents of Gayles, near Richmond, that the road through the village would be closed this week while they undertook maintenance work.

The road was closed on Monday and was due to be shut all week while the work took place, although officials hoped it could be finished early due to the error.

Resident Mags Cran said she only found out about the work when she came across it on Monday morning.

She got in touch with Yorkshire Water who said locals had been informed and the details were on the county council website, however it has emerged that while the information was on the website, letters were not sent to local councillors and those residents affected.

Mags said they had had problems with Yorkshire Water before.

“The lack of communication between Yorkshire Water, the contractors Morrisons, highways and residents in this day and age is astounding.”

Councillor William Heslop said he usually got notifications when roads were due to be closed for maintenance.

But he said: “I don’t recall receiving one for this work – Yorkshire Water are a law unto themselves.”

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: “We would like to apologise to residents not informed of this scheme as it is our standard practise to do so,  but unfortunately on this occasion our partners failed to do so which we are addressing.”


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  1. Yorkshire Water are indeed a law unto themselves. In April 2018 they carried work on the Cleveland Road estate Catterick Garrison. To date, after numerous requests, they still have not taken away signs sandbags etc and they litter our lovely estate & the grass cutters have a large area they cannot get to. Any help/advise please?

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