Residents urged not to dump rubbish at full recycling centres

The recycling centre at Bompton this morning.

Richmondshire residents are being urged not to dump recycling when bring banks are already full.

It comes after photos circulated online today of piles of waste cardboard at the recycling centre at Brompton-on-Swale.

Council officials say if the district’s bring banks are full, people should not leave recycling piled up beside them.

Instead, they should take it home and keep it until the banks are empty – or it can be taken with the kerbside collections.

The district council’s collection crews will not be working Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year.

A spokesperson for the district council said: “We do not want to discourage people from recycling, but we ask that they do not cause a mountain of recyclate at our bring bank sites which looks unsightly, can blow away and cause litter – and often cannot be recycled as it gets too wet.

“We ask that they keep it dry at home until the banks are empty or put it out with their kerbside collections.

“Please ensure that your paper and card is only placed out on collection day in order to keep it dry.

“Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and tissue paper cannot be placed in your blue or white bag – it should be placed in the grey bin.”

The council said staff would be checking on recycling centres today and tomorrow to empty the bins if required.

For details on locations of the bring banks – and changes to collection days over the Christmas and new year period – check out


  1. Perhaps instead of thinking of a great name like bring banks they actually emptied them now and then this wouldn’t happen . And this is before the usual Christmas dump fest.

  2. As usual,the one at Hawes is already full, recycling just dumped waiting for the fairies to come and magically remove it yet again!!!!!

  3. People are going to stop going to the recycling sites if they get there and find they can’t use them and have to return home with their recycling, especially if they have travelled a number of miles to do it!
    Solution…empty them more regularly!

  4. What’s the point of encouraging people to recycle if there isn’t a bin in which to put the items to be recycled? More amazing planning from R.D.C!
    Simple solution – either empty more frequently or put out more bins. I agree with RSB, the previous comment.

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